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Over 60% of Google Analytics installations are incorrect for a business’s needs

With this guide, you’ll learn how to properly configure Google Analytics for your use, in addition to the following:

1. A practical guide that breaks down the major components of Google Analytics, taking you from an introductory level of understanding to feeling more confident in the platform's use

2. Learn how the various reports can be used to provide answers you may have about how your site is performing

3. Start to dive into more advanced functionality, including but not limited to advanced segments, event tracking, and custom reports

About the Author

I'm Chris Boulas, a digital marketer and day trader currently residing in southern California. By age 30, I had grown 2 businesses from $5 million to over $30 million in revenue by successfully operating against progressive digital marketing strategies for tech startups after overseeing demand gen for a fortune 100 company that was later acquired by Dell. I currently run a demand gen and marketing operations consulting company, Formulytic, day trade in the stock market, and educate people on how they can become a better marketer.

I'm an avid car enthusiast and love spending time at car meets and the racetrack when I'm not trading or practicing marketing.