I know how to generate revenue. For the past 10 years, I’ve been a driving force behind some of the largest revenue generating online marketing strategies for companies of all sizes, from SMB’s to the Fortune 100. In addition to managing online marketing programs, I’ve found that technology is becoming an increasingly important part of marketing.

Outside marketing, I’m an active day trader in the stock market. I love reading charts, finding patterns, trusting my gut, and testing myself psychologically against the market. I’m a short bias trader for low float Nasdaq stocks. In an industry where 90% of traders lose money, I have a successful track record with 100% audited and verified trades on profit.ly.


Who am I?

An upstate NY native that moved to Southern California to enjoy and participate in the automotive culture. By 25, I had already generated millions in revenue for clients in the technology and automotive industries. For the past few years, my work has been primarily focused on working with venture funded technology SaaS startups and day trading a short-bias strategy for low-float Nasdaq securities. When I’m not trading or practicing marketing, I can be found driving fast cars and traveling with my wife.


How does Formulytic differ from chrisboulas.com?

Formulytic has two goals. First, to support marketers in B2B organizations by providing marketing operations services by acting as an extension of their team to build and deploy world-class marketing technology infrastructures, allowing them to fully measure their marketing/sales funnel from lead through to revenue. Second, Formulytic manages demand generation and online marketing programs to help companies grow traffic, leads, and revenue, then measures their performance across all stages of the funnel. Chrisboulas.com takes a more personal view on marketing, shares my experiences with cars and racing, as well as chronicles my journey as a day trader in the stock market.


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